Honda cb 900The Honda CB 900 is a legendary motorcycle that marked the history of the Japanese brand.Introduced for the first time in 1979, this motorcycle was produced in several versions and has been very successful with motorcycle riders from all over the world.

The Honda CB 900 is a sports-style motorcycle, with a telescopic front suspension and a back suspension with swing arms.It is equipped with a four-stroke four-cylinder engine, which produces a power of 95 horsepower and a torque of 63 Nm.

The Honda CB 900 engine is known for its reliability and power.It has a liquid cooling system that allows to maintain a stable temperature even during intensive driving.The electronic injection system ensures clean and efficient combustion, reducing harmful emissions.

The Honda CB 900 has had several versions throughout its production.The first version, CB 900F, was introduced in 1979 and was produced until 1983.It was followed by the CB 900C, a custom version with a full carnage and a modified engine to offer better performance at low speed.In 1982, Honda introduced the CB 900F Bol d'Or, a sports version that was developed to participate in the famous Bol d'Or motorcycle race.

In 1984, Honda launched the CB 900F2, which was equipped with a Pro-Link rear suspension and a revised carnage.The CB 900F2 was also available in "Super Sport" version, which included a complete carnage and light alloy rims.

Plaque de cadre Honda cb 900In 1991, Honda launched the CB 900F Hornet, which had a great success with motorcycle riders.The Hornet had a more modern and aggressive style, with minimalist carnage and a straight handlebar.It was equipped with a more powerful engine than the previous version, producing a power of 102 horses and a torque of 86 Nm.

The Honda CB 900 has been produced for more than two decades and has seen many improvements over the years.It has become a reference motorcycle for motorcyclists seeking a combination of performance, reliability and style.

In conclusion, the Honda CB 900 is a legendary motorcycle that marked the history of the Japanese brand.With its reliability and performance, she was able to win the heart of motorcyclists around the world.Even if it is no longer produced today, it remains an iconic motorcycle that will always be appreciated by lovers of two wheels.

Honda CB 900 frame plate