Plaque de cadreYamaha Frame Plates: A Full Guide

Plaque de cadre Yamaha

Yamaha frame plate Discover the importance and specificity of the frame plates for your Yamaha motorcycle. Frame plates are not only an aesthetic element, but also a legal necessity to uniquely identify your motorcycle.

Features of Yamaha Frame Plates

  • Specific dimensions according to the motorcycle model
  • Accurate engraving with key information
  • High quality materials for maximum durability
  • Customization options for a unique touch

The yamaha frame plates are essential to ensure that your bike complies with the regulations in force, while adding a personal touch through customization. Whether you restore a classic Yamaha or customize a newer model, choosing the right frame plate is crucial.

How to Choose Your Yamaha Frame Plate

Choosing the right frame plate for your Yamaha requires considering several factors, such as the model of your motorcycle, the year of manufacture and your personal preferences in personalization. Visit our website to explore our options and find the perfect frame plate for your Yamaha.

What do you see on a Yamaha builder plate?

I see a metal identification plate with inscriptions indicating that this is a product of the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. brand, located in Shizuoka, Japan. The plate also indicates the type of engine or product with the code "1U6" and the engine cylinder that is "499 cm3". There is also a serial number indicated by "No SERIE 1U6". The plate has pre-perceded holes for fastening, probably on a motor or vehicle frame, like a motorcycle.