Honda cl 360The Honda CL 360 is a classic motorcycle produced by Honda in the 1970s.It was marketed between 1974 and 1976 and was designed for drivers who were looking for a light and maniable motorcycle for urban driving, as well as a comfortable tourism motorcycle for longer trips.The Honda CL 360 is a two-cylinder bike online, with a 356 cc cylinder displacement, and is known for its reliability and ease of maintenance.

Design and technical characteristics

The Honda CL 360 is a scrambler-style motorcycle, with crampoon tires and high ground clearance for off-road driving.It is equipped with an air-cooled two-cylinder engine, which delivers 34 horsepower to 8,500 rpm.The engine is associated with a six-speed transmission and offers an excellent accelerator response at all speeds.The motorcycle is equipped with a disc brake system at the front and drum at the rear, providing excellent stability and effective braking.

The frame of the motorcycle is made of tubular steel, which gives it great strength and maneuverability.The saddle is high, offering a comfortable driving position for drivers of all sizes, while the footrests are placed so as to offer a good ergonomics.The fuel tank has a capacity of 8.3 litres, offering a driving range of approximately 160 km.

Performance and handling

The Honda CL 360 is a very handy and easy to drive motorcycle, with excellent high speed stability and great agility in the city.It is ideal for beginner or experienced drivers looking for a reliable and easy-to-use motorcycle.The front suspension of the motorcycle is a telescopic fork, while the rear suspension is a double damper swing arm.This offers excellent stability and comfortable driving on all types of roads.

The motorcycle is also very light, with a dry weight of only 157 kg, which makes it easy to maneuver and park.The saddle height is 820 mm, offering good visibility and comfortable driving position.The Honda CL 360 offers excellent road handling, with crampoon tires offering excellent grip on wet or rugged surfaces.

Reliability and maintenance

Plaque de cadre Honda CL 360The Honda CL 360 is a very reliable and easy to maintain motorcycle.It is known for its longevity and its failure resistance.The motorcycle is equipped with an air cooling system, which eliminates the need for costly maintenance of the liquid cooling system.The six-speed transmission offers great reliability and longevity.

The maintenance of the Honda CL 360 is also very easy.Oil and air filters are easily accessible, which facilitates their replacement.The motorcycle requires regular oil drain and maintenance of the transmission chain to ensure optimal performance.

The Honda CL 360 is also easy to repair if needed.Spare parts and accessories are widely available, which facilitates the maintenance and repair of the motorcycle.Qualified mechanics are also readily available to perform larger repairs or interviews.


The Honda CL 360 is a classic bike very appreciated for its reliability, ease of use and handling.It is ideal for beginner or experienced drivers looking for a light and easy-to-use motorcycle for urban driving or for tourism trips.The Honda CL 360 is also very easy to maintain and repair, making it a very popular bike with classic motorcycle enthusiasts.

Honda CL 360 frame plate