Cagiva Cagiva is a brand of motorcycles that evokes Italian passion, performance and design. Since its creation, the brand has gone through various stages, experimenting with ups and downs, but its contribution to the motorcycle industry is undeniable.


The story of Cagiva begins in 1950 in Varese, Lombardy, Italy. Giovanni Castiglioni founded the company initially to produce small metal appliances. The name "Cagiva" comes from the founder's initials (CAstiglioni GIovanni VArese). But in 1978, under the direction of his son Claudio Castiglioni, Cagiva took a major turning point in the production of motorcycles.

**Starts in the Moto**

Cagiva started by buying engines from other manufacturers, including Ducati, and built its own chassis and bodywork around them. The innovative design and passion for performance quickly put the brand on the map. In a short time, Cagiva was recognized for his competitive motorcycles, either on the track or on the road.

**Acquisitions and Expansions**

The late 1970s and the 1980s were marked by strategic acquisitions for Cagiva. In 1985, the brand acquired Ducati, a decision that surprised a lot in the world of motorcycles. This allowed Cagiva to have access to renowned technology and engineers. Then followed the acquisitions of Moto Morini and Husqvarna.

** Emblemishes**

Cagiva has produced some of the most iconic motorcycle models in the world. The Cagiva Mito, for example, is a 125 cc sport bike that has been widely popular in Europe. His design was influenced by the famous Ducati 916. The Elefant is another model of legend, including the Elefant 900, who participated in world-famous rallies.

** Challenges and a New Departure**

The 1990s were more complicated for Cagiva due to economic challenges and increased competition in the global market. Ducati was sold in 1996, and in the years that followed, Cagiva refocused its efforts on its own models.

In 2008, the Husqvarna brand was sold to BMW, but Cagiva continued to innovate. She redirected part of her production to smaller motorcycles and emerging markets.


Cagiva is more than just a motorcycle brand; it is a symbol of determination, passion and innovation. Although it has experienced difficult times, the brand has always found a way to reinvent itself and remain relevant in the competitive world of motorcycles. His legacy, rich in innovation, racing and iconic designs, continues to inspire motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Plaque de cadre Cagiva

Cagiva frame plate