Honda CL 500The Honda CL 500 is an iconic Honda brand model.It is considered one of the most popular motorcycles in the brand, thanks to its exceptional performance, its elegant design and versatility.In this article, we will look more closely at the features of the Honda CL 500, its history, performance, advantages and disadvantages.

History of the Honda CL 500

The Honda CL 500 was released in 1974 after the success of the Honda CB 500.It was an all-terrain motorcycle that was designed for challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions.It was equipped with a 498 cm3 online bi-cylinder engine that produced 50 horsepower and could reach a peak speed of 160 km/h.

The Honda CL 500 was produced until 1976, when it was replaced by the Honda XL 500.However, the popularity of the CL 500 has never denyed itself and has become a model very sought after by collectors.

Design of the Honda CL 500

The Honda CL 500 had an elegant and aggressive design that quickly captured the attention of bikers around the world.It was equipped with a fuel tank in the form of a drop of water, a long and comfortable seat, a round headlight and a chrome exhaust pot that added a touch of style to the whole.

Performances of the Honda CL 500

The Honda CL 500 was a very high-performance motorcycle that was able to ride on all types of terrain, whether accidental or flat.It was equipped with a telescopic front suspension and a swing-arm rear suspension system that provided excellent stability and high handling.

Its online bicylinder engine produced 50 horses, making it very powerful for its time.It was also equipped with a five-speed transmission that allowed smooth and precise driving.

Benefits of the Honda CL 500

The Honda CL 500 had many advantages that contributed to its popularity.It was very versatile and could be used for all-terrain hiking, road riding and even for motocross races.It was also very reliable and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for bikers looking for a robust and sustainable motorcycle.

Honda CL 500 drawbacks

Despite its many advantages, the Honda CL 500 also had some drawbacks.It was heavy enough for an all-terrain motorcycle, which made it a little difficult to operate in restricted areas.In addition, it had a fairly high fuel consumption, which could be a disadvantage for bikers looking for a fuel-efficient motorcycle.

Honda CL 500 frame plate