Motobécane and MBK Frame Plate: Essential for your Mobylette.

Plaque de Cadre MBK

Introduction to Technical Control for Motorcycles and Scooters

With the approach of the new regulations on the technical control of the two-wheels in France, it is crucial for each owner of the moby or scooter scooter keep informed. As early as the spring of 2024, this control will become mandatory for a wide range of vehicles, including those equipped with a vehicle motobécane frame plate or of a mBK frame plate. This control will cover new vehicles registered from 1 January 2022 and will also be retroactive to some older vehicles.

Key Points of Technical Control

The technical control of the two-wheels will include verification of several essential components for the road safety. Among these, the state of the registration plate, the braking system, lighting, and suspensions will be carefully scrutinized. In addition, noise levels and pollution control will also be evaluated.

The cost of this technical control for motorcycles is estimated at about 50 euros, a price lower than that of a car. However, the consequences of unvalidated technical control may be significant, including fines and the requirement to make repairs before a counter-visit. It is therefore essential to ensure that your motorcycle or scooter scooter, and in particular its frame plate, be in perfect condition to meet the requirements of technical control.

With regard to the frequency of controls, once the first check is done, a new crossing is planned every 3 years for motorcycles, with slightly different modalities for collection vehicles and specific types of motorcycles. It is essential for motorcycle and scooter owners, including those equipped with specific frame plates such as the mBK frame plate or motobécane frame plate, to familiarize themselves with these new regulations to ensure compliance with their vehicle.

plaque-motobecane.jpgIn summary, the introduction of technical control for motorcycles and scooters aims to enhance road safety. While some may see additional constraint, this is essential to ensure the safety of all road users. As owners of motorcycles and scooters, it is your responsibility to comply with these new regulations, starting with ensuring that your vehicle, including its frame plate, is in perfect condition to pass the technical control without congestion.

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