Plaque de cadre Honda CB 1100 FThe Honda CB 1100 F is a legendary motorcycle that was first introduced in 1983.It is the sport version of the CB 1100 range, with a race-inspired design, a powerful engine and an iconic style that has made its reputation.In this article, we will explore in detail the features of this iconic motorcycle, its history and its place in the history of motorcycles.

History of the Honda CB 1100 F

The Honda CB 1100 F was first introduced in 1983 as successor to the popular CB 900 F.The motorcycle was designed to offer a more sporty and powerful driving experience, with a 1062 cm3 engine and a power of 108 horsepower.

The CB 1100 F was highly appreciated by bikers for its handling, driving and speed.It was also praised for its emblematic style, which was a tribute to the classic aesthetics of racing motorcycles of the 1970s.

The production of CB 1100 F lasted only two years, from 1983 to 1984.It was replaced by the Honda CB 1100 R, which was an even more sporty and powerful motorcycle.However, CB 1100 F has left a lasting impression on bikers around the world, and it is now considered one of the most emblematic bikes of its time.

Features of the Honda CB 1100 F

The Honda CB 1100 F was equipped with an online 4-cylinder engine of 1062 cm3, which produced 108 horsepower at 8500 rpm.It was also equipped with a five-speed transmission, a tubular steel frame and a telescopic and rear fork suspension with oscillating arms.

The motorcycle was equipped with disc brakes at the front and rear, with double piston brake calipers at the front and single piston at the rear.It was also equipped with a four-cylinder exhaust system, which produced a unique and characteristic sound.

The style of the CB 1100F was a tribute to the classic racing motorcycles of the 1970s, with elegant and sleek lines, a double-floor saddle and an aerodynamic front carnage.The bike was available in two colours: red and white, with silver accents.

Plaque de cadre Honda CB 1100 FCB 1100F was also equipped with a complete instrumentation, including a speed meter, a tachometer, an active speed indicator, a fuel level indicator and a temperature gauge.

The legacy of the Honda CB 1100 F

The Honda CB 1100 F has left a lasting legacy in motorcycle history.She was considered one of the most sporty and powerful motorcycles of her time, and helped to establish the reputation of the Honda brand as one of the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers.

Nowadays, the CB 1100 F has become a very sought-after collection motorcycle.Its rarity, timeless style and exceptional performance make it a motorcycle coveted by collectors and lovers of classic motorcycles.The motorcycle also inspired modern versions, such as the Honda CB 1100 RS, which perpetuates the spirit of CB 1100 F while incorporating modern technologies.

In short, the Honda CB 1100 F is an iconic motorcycle that has marked the history of motorcycles.She was a sporty, powerful and elegant motorcycle that inspired generations of bikers and helped establish Honda's reputation as a quality motorcycle manufacturer.Today, the CB 1100 F is a very popular collection bike, and it continues to inspire modern versions that perpetuate its legacy.

Honda CB 1100 F frame plate