Honda XR 500The Honda XR 500 PE03 is an all-terrain motorcycle produced by the Japanese manufacturer Honda from 1981 to 1984.She was part of the Honda XR motorcycle family, which was introduced in 1979 and was a great success with all-terrain motorcycle enthusiasts.

The history of the Honda XR 500 PE03 dates back to 1975, when Honda started working on a new all-terrain motorcycle model.The goal was to create a versatile motorcycle capable of rolling on all terrains, paved roads with muddy paths.The bike should also be easy to drive for beginners, but powerful enough to satisfy experienced drivers.

The development of the Honda XR 500 began in 1976, under the leadership of Shoichiro Irimajiri, a Honda engineer who had worked on the design of the legendary Honda CB750 engine.The XR 500 engine was a four-stroke air-cooled monocylinder with a 498 cm3 cylinder capacity.It was equipped with a front camshaft and a PD-type piston carburettor.

The first version of the XR 500 was presented to the public in 1978.It was equipped with a tubular steel frame and a rear swing suspension.This version of the XR 500 was primarily intended for motocross enthusiasts, but it quickly gained popularity with all-terrain drivers.

Plaque de acdre Honda XR 500In 1981, Honda introduced the XR 500 PE03, an improved version of the XR 500.The PE03 had a lighter and more rigid aluminium frame, as well as improved front and rear suspension.It was equipped with a 36 mm PD piston carburettor and a stainless steel exhaust.

The XR 500 PE03 was also equipped with a new improved air cooling system, which allowed the motorcycle to drive longer without overheating.The PE03 engine had a power of 44 hp to 7,500 rpm, making it powerful enough for experienced pilots.

The Honda XR 500 PE03 was produced until 1984, when it was replaced by the XR 600, an even more powerful version of the XR.Despite its short production time, the XR 500 PE03 left a lasting impression on all-terrain drivers around the world.It was renowned for its reliability and its ability to ride on all types of terrain, which made it one of the most popular all-terrain motorcycles of its time.

Honda XR 500 frame plate